Every year at around this time, the weather seems to hang awkwardly in between winter and fall temperatures, and thus my wardrobe suffers. Out of confusion about how much warmth I need to provide myself with, on casual days, I often default to a pretty temperature neutral outfit: a light long-sleeve tee with a cute zip-up, LuLu Lemon leggings, and Uggs. However, every time I get dressed, the same question pops into my head: is it okay to wear leggings as pants, or am I doing something wrong?

As far back as I can remember, my friends and peers have treated leggings as pants in school and at parties, but I've found that people in previous generations, and even people just a couple of years older, don't seem to approve of this look. They say leggings belong under a dress or a skirt, or just at the gym. But, partially because they are just so damn comfortable and semi-flattering at once, I have to disagree.

Yes, they can be tight, but when they're not too sheer, they seem to me, appropriate. Perhaps jeggings are the ultimate solution, but I find spandex to be more flattering and easier to pair with a top. As attested to on CelebsinLeggings, Miley Cyrus is a frequent spandex-wearer. If that's not enough, even the down to earth Disney star, Ashely Tisdale, was spotted wearing spandex with a tee, along with Jessica Alba and Maria Menounos.

But maybe these celebrities and my friends and I have it wrong. Maybe my disapproving older brother is right-- it's not the classiest look.

Lovelies, what do you say? Can leggings be worn as pants, or is that a tasteless look? In which scenarios is it acceptable?

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