As I've said, most celebrity relationships aren't something that I think about a whole lot. However, you know how there are some famous couples that simply seem fantastic and absolutely wonderful for one another? Amber Tamblyn and David Cross, for example, are adorable and lovely newlyweds! Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman are also perfect together, so I enjoy hearing news about them.

However, when I saw this list today, I had no idea that some of these couples were even dating, but a few seem to really make sense and look super cute together. For example, Matthew Perry and Lizzy Caplan up there. I'm sure plenty of you knew these pairs were, well, pairs, but I was pretty surprised at a few of 'em! By the way, one picture is a tad NSFW but it is hilarious

Jason Segel and Michelle Williams have apparently been dating since earlier this year and live together. I had zero idea! While I'm not a huge tabloid reader and I don't keep track of relationships (including my own, sometimes) particularly well, I am on the Internet constantly so I'm surprised that so many of these couples were ones I was totally unaware of. But good for them: love is difficult to find, so it's adorable that these folks have found it.

Check out the gallery for more surprising couples. Lovelies, did you know these folks were together?

For the full list, take a look at Buzzfeed!

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