Anne Hathaway got married last month in what was a beautiful, lovely ceremony...I think. Because the only signs we've seen of it thus far were some blurry paparazzi photos and a sketch of the dress. (Hathaway said she would sell the professional shots and give the profits to marriage equality groups.) But Anne is this month's Vogue cover girl, and has treated readers to a shot of what we really want to see: the dress. Check it out by clicking here!

When I saw the initial sketch, I was a bit skeptical. The pink seemed a bit excessive, and the headband too bulky. But now seeing the ensemble in detail, I have to say I really like it! The color is just subtle enough, and that headband provides a near retro touch. (And I've absolutely adored the neckline from day one.) Not that I didn't expect Anne to look great on her big day, but this definitely blows my expectations out of the water! [via Fashionista]

What do you think of Hathaway's dress?

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