Whenever you see Taylor Swift or Annalynne McCorrd, you always wonder "How does she keep her curly hair so nice?" Because I know I have asked myself that time and time again.

Well, the real answer is that they have great stylists that make their hair look flawless. Meanwhile, we are stuck here trying to get the comb out of our tangled hair. But after 19 years of experience, I have found a few tips that can help my fellow curly-haired friends.

Invest in a Diffuser

Blow drying hair is almost impossible unless you want to get tangled, poofy hair. But buying a blow dryer with a diffuser is just the thing for curly hair. It spreads the heat more evenly and is designed to prevent your hair from getting frizzy. Try using a cool or warn setting so to minimize frizz. It will make doing your hair after morning showers that much easier.

Braids Are Your Best Friend

After a long day at school or work, you just want to get home and take a long, hot shower. If you are worried your hair is going to frizz and be unmanageable in the morning, just stick your hair in a braid. It will dry overnight, but prevent it from getting tangled or frizzy. Then, in the morning, just let out the braid and your hair will be nice and wavy!

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

I can't count all the times I look around and see all the girls with perfectly straight hair and wonder, "Why can't I have that?" But we should learn to embrace our curls! Instead of spending two hours burning our hair straight, trying making shapely curls with a curling iron or wrapping them around your finger after putting in mouse or leave-in conditioner. You have curly hair for a reason (because it is meant to complement your features!) So, just work with what you got and make all the other girls which they had your curls!

Talk to Your Hair Dresser

Different girls have different types of hair, and different styles look different on everyone. The next time you get a hair cut, be sure to ask your stylist on what cuts and methods work best for you. He might suggest a layered look with nice highlights or a long, one-layered look. Most stylists will also give you tips on products and techniques you can use to style your hair.
They can also recommend and discuss permanent straightening techniques like a keratin treatment if you really want it to; there are many of them on the market right now and they all work differently. If you are really consider using something like keratin, then be sure to discuss it with your hair dresser to make sure it will definitely work for your hair.

Either way, curly hair can be just as fun and beautiful once you master the tricks to maintaining and keeping it healthy!

What do you guys do tame to "the lion's mane?"

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