Oh, Victoria's Secret, you've done it again!
After the "Sexy Little Geisha" debacle just a few months ago, the lingerie company has managed to offend again with their fantastical costumes.

During their annual fashion show, model Karlie Kloss was sent down the runway in a "Thanksgiving" (read: Native American) -inspired outfit, which featured a billowing headdress, a faux-buckskin lingerie set, fringe and turqouise detailing, and all those other stereotypically Indigenous attributes

Public outcry was unsurprisingly quick to follow.
According to one blog (Native Appropriations), the flub was especially ill-timed considering the backlash No Doubt received from their "Looking Hot" video less than a week earlier. The video featured similar motifs, and was pulled the day after it was released.
In the words of the blog itself:

"NOBODY at Victoria's Secret saw one of the hundreds of articles about No Doubt and thought, hm, maybe we shouldn't include a woman in a headdress and a fake buckskin bikini? And the bikini. Can we talk about the bikini? I love the inclusion of the leopard. Why don't we just go full-on generic "savage" while we're at it... Not to mention the fake turquoise/Navajo/sou thwest jewelry with a plains headdress. LOL, all indigenous pplz, they r teh samez. Snark aside, there is a bigger issue here. Besides the daily harm of these ongoing microaggressions for Native folks, the sexualization of Native women continues to be an ignored and continuing epidemic."

But in light of the mass criticism, some (including many Natives) argued that the entire issue demonstrates over-sensitivity, misplaced indignation, and is, effectively, a nonissue.
Either way, Victoria's Secret issued an immediate apology (as did Kloss herself!) and agreed not to air the outfit in the fashion show's broadcast or in any marketing materials.

Despite the somewhat-mixed reaction towards the outfit, you'd think Victoria's Secret would have known better. I'm sure the reaction to their Geisha costume still stings — it seems silly that the company didn't anticipate similar backlash for this one (or maybe they did, which is a whole other issue). [via MSN.com]
And anyways, talk about a missed opportunity for the sexy pilgim. Nobody's ever done a Thanksgiving-inspired sexy pilgrim! (Or have they?)
Lovelies, where do you stand on this issue?

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