We all know the highly talked about story of teenage bride, Courtney Stodden, and her husband, Doug Hutchison — who is 35 years her senior. People seem to have mixed feelings. I can't say I've never dated anyone older than me... at one point I was dating someone who was 8 years older than me (I was 23, he was 31). I never felt like we had a significant age difference, but I have people in my life who think otherwise. I tend to believe it depends on the people in the relationship, but maybe a 35 year difference is a bit of a stretch.

The fact is, in Hollywood, it gets kind of hard to tell how old people are... you know, with botox, plastic surgery and other treatments people get to stay young looking. It's kind of crazy and I never really realized, but there are quite a few celebrity couples with fairly large age gaps. Check some of them out under the cut.

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Mary-Kate Olsen & Olivier Sarkozy — 17 year age difference

What do you consider to be "too much" of an age difference?