Last week, I was having a pretty rough morning. I had been in an argument with my boyfriend the night before, went to bed feeling a bit disgruntled and woke up with swollen puffy eyes and splotchy skin. As I was waiting in line for my iced coffee, a woman behind me said, "I really like your outfit." At first, part of me thought she was joking. I mean, my hair was a mess and I'm pretty sure all the skin brightener in the world couldn't make me look well-rested. And honestly, generally speaking, women just don't really compliment other women that often. I said "thank you," grabbed my coffee and headed off to work. Her words, as simple as they were, definitely stuck with me though. As I was driving to work, I smiled and thought, I think I needed a pick-me-up from that compliment more than this iced coffee. 

For those of us that are a bit more visual, this is how I felt before I received the compliment:

And after:

It also made me want to pay it forward. I mean, think about it. How often do you receive compliments from complete strangers? How often do women receive genuine compliments from other women that we don't know? I don't remember the last time I've complimented a stranger. 

So I'm starting something new from now on: I'm going to give a stranger a genuine compliment every day. Try it! If you're a little shy about talking to strangers, do something nice for a stranger every day. If you're a little shy and don't really know how you would go about doing this, here are a few ideas:

1. Hold open the door for someone. Trust me, in a place where kindness is a bit obsolete (think grocery store, post office, etc.) this actually does go a long way.
2. Allow someone to merge into your lane during rush-hour traffic. In Texas, it's one of the nicest things you can do for someone. Ever.
3. If you're at the grocery store with a full cart and the person behind you in line only has a few items, let them in front of you.
4. Do you visit a website, read a certain blog or really love a stranger's Instagram/Pinterest feed? Leave a comment and make a blogger/IG-er/pinner's day a bit brighter! (I received the sweetest comment about a month ago and it made my week.) 

You have no idea the impact you can have on someone's day with a simple act of kindness. Maybe the woman at the coffee shop really did like my outfit, or maybe she sensed that it was already a rough morning for me and she was just trying to be nice. Either way, she made my day exponentially better with that one simple compliment, and honestly, after complimenting other people, it causes me to have a better day too. It's free, it takes almost no time at all and you're making someone else's day (and your day) better. What do you have to lose?

What do you think about this project, Lovelies? Is this something that you would try? Do you compliment others often?

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