Celebrities getting inked is far from a new phenomenon. For years the rich and famous have been going under the needle, and even Oscar winners sport ink that used to be reserved for criminals and sailors. Nonetheless, it's still surprising to see celebrities with lots of tattoos, though musicians seem to get away with it pretty easily. For instance, take Lady Gaga, who has art all over her body. Recently she took a trip to Rio, where she got some new ink on her neck. Check it out and find out the meaning by clicking here!

Gaga apparently really enjoyed her time in Rio, because she got a tattoo commemorating the city! Here's what she had to say about it on Twitter:

R†O. Monsters, all over the world you continue to inspire me everyday, your like an endless ocean of possibilities. The font was derived out of the signatures of three fans, all from different neighborhoods and ages. Represents how music brings us 2gether."

That's a sweet meaning! It's nice to see celebrities with such devotion to their fans. I wonder what ink Gaga is going to be sporting next? I'm sure this won't be the last tattoo for the Mother Monster!

What do you think of this tattoo?

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