Kim Kardashian is a notoriously polarizing celebrity. Some people admire her brand and business savvy, while others see her as a spoiled rich girl. Another thing that people seem to be constantly talking about is her sense of fashion. Ever since she started dating Kanye West it's been changing (he even paid to have a stylist overhaul her closet), and some people think it's not for the better. Recently she stepped out in a very West-inspired gown that has gotten people talking. What do you think of it? Click here and let us know!

I like the top of the dress, and I get that she's trying to be edgy, but the bottom just doesn't do it for me. But what I really dislike about this outfit is the shoes. They're awful! (And they don't seem to fit.) This is a big miss in a big way. I like most of the dark stuff Kim has been wearing nowadays (this coming from a girl who almost only wears black or navy), but not this!

Hit or miss, Lovelies?

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