We've all been guilty of pining for nostalgic elements from our childhood. From Lisa Frank to Are You Afraid of the Dark, there are plenty of things from the 90s that most people look back on with a warm, happy glow. Usually when discussing culture from our adolescence, there's one thing that people really like to complain about: the fact that MTV doesn't play music videos anymore. Yeah, it kind of sucks that the Music Television network is mostly compiled of trashy reality shows nowadays. But whose fault is that, exactly? The answer may surprise (and even anger) you!

That's Michael Destiny, MTV's Head Of Programming. Michael knows why MTV won't (and can't) play videos, and he's not happy about it. Because it really is almost all our fault...it's no secret that music piracy has crippled the industry, and it makes sense that musicians don't want to throw money into a useless art. So, sorry guys: it seems that the era of music television as we knew it has drawn to a close. [via Bloody Disgusting]

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