Purses hold our wallets, keys, phones and chapstick. But that's just the obvious stuff.
I'm always curious to see the really random items women carry in their bags. It's almost like a tangible answer to that age-old question "what would you bring with you to a deserted island?" And though you'd think we're all carting around similar stuff, it's surprising how much variety exists from one girl's purse to the next. Our bags are like our own mini Amazons!
I'm no different — click inside to see the weird stuff I have to have on me. (I cleaned out the gum wrappers and reciepts just for you guys!


1. Men's Deodorant

For the life of me, I will never remember to put on deodorant in the mornings. I usually remember this after sprinting toward the bus -- and being sweaty and gross all day is no fun. This extra stick of deodorant in my purse has had my back so many times. I prefer men's deodorant because it seems to work better for me and it just smells so nice!
2. Pumpkin-carving knife
Although the original purpose of this tool was to carve pumpkins, it never left my purse. But it makes a decent replacement for a swiss army knife so it stayed. What if I need to cut a sandwhich? Or stab someone? I've actually used it a surprising amount of times! (Not to stab people, though, I was kidding about that!). 
3. Wine opener
If your life is anything like mine, this comes in handy more often than not.
4. Plastic Utensils
You never know when these will come in handy! Plus, take-out restaurants give you those nice little utensil packs all the time, and they usually just get thrown out in favor of real silverware. Keep a set in your purse, and you'll be picnic-ready all the time.

5. Snacks
I'm trying to cut back on eating out, so I've been keeping little energy bars (or fruit or chips or whatever) in my bag for those times when I think I can't wait until I get home. I still prefer cheeseburgers to granola bars, but at least they take the edge off. I know snacks aren't the oddest thing anyone's ever had in their bag...but my mom always gives me the weirdest looks for pulling out food.

6. Post-it Notes
iPhones make notepads a little less necessary, because you can jot down all your notes and ideas on it's screen. But I crave that feeling of putting pen to paper — and it tends to make ideas stick in my brain. Plus, I like to leave little secret messages around...

What is the oddest thing you Lovelies carry around?

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