New photos of actor Matthew McConaughey have surfaced the web, making viewers do a double take. The star who is filming the movie, The Dallas Buyers' Club, looks sickly having lost 30 pounds for his role as a man with AIDS.

Skin and bones, a thick mustache and dyed hair is what people noticed from the photos taken at LAX on Friday. With his cheekbones sunken in, large eyes and razor-sharp jawline, the transformation is vastly different from the buff, oiled up hottie in Magic Mike earlier this year.

While McConaughey is completely changing his lifestyle for this role, he is not the first to shock people with his appearance. Christian Bale is perhaps the most memorable celebrity to take a role so seriously that he literally turned into a skeleton losing 65 pounds for his role in The Machinist.

The Dallas Buyers' Club will also star Jennifer Garner as Matthew's doctor and Jared Leto as a cross-dresser with AIDS.

What do you think of Matthew McConaughey's drastic weight loss? Will you see his upcoming movie?

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