Who do you think should win Miss Earth 2012? Seen above and in the gallery below are all 90 contestants of the Miss Earth 2012 pageant. Apparently, this pageant is aimed at raising awareness of environmental issues and devoting each year to a specific project like a coastal cleanup, eco fashion shows, school tours, and more. Since Miss Earth is considered to be one of the most prestigious pageants around, I had to let you Lovelies in on the first round of Miss Earth 2012 photos! Don't miss out on Miss Earth's finals airing November 24th. In the meantime, click through the gallery below and let us know what you think!

I'll be honest, beauty pageants aren't really my thing. But since the pageant promotes environmental action and awareness, I support their efforts! It brings publicity and empowerment to the contestants, gives back to the planet and entertains us with photos like these in the meantime... [via Izismile]

What are your thoughts, Lovelies?