I seem to have lost a lot of odds and ends during my recent move. I'm reminded of this when, each morning, my poor ears slowly die of hypothermia on the walk to the bus stop. I can't find any of my old beanies, ear-muffs, or knitted headbands in any of my boxes, and, as such, I already feel a cold coming on.

But because I love shopping so much, this is just a blessing in disguise. It's an opportunity to go shopping! I did a bit of online window-shopping and came up with a list of the cutest head-warmers out there!

Whether you're snowboarding or just having a bad hair day, a beanie or ear-warmers are a fun, but practical, accessory. Whenever I wear one, I feel like my head is inside a pillow all day. There's nothing better.

Love these hats? You can shop them all here.

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