Two years ago, I had the oh-so great honor of being the person to introduce most of my Facebook friends to the cultural phenomena that is Rebecca Black's "Friday." Though it may have been a terrible song, you can't argue that it united people under a communal blanket of wonder, confusion and horror. But now "Friday" has some new competition in the bad song department. Take a listen to "This Thanksgiving," and see if you can make it through the entire jam. (The video alone is worth one listen...)

Yup. That just happened. I hope you at least got some enjoyment out of it, even if your ears may be bleeding. (Also, given the opportunity, what teenage girl wants to sing a song about Thanksgiving?) I honestly muted it less than halfway through...but I'm willing to bet that this will be all over our news feeds by the end of this weekend! [via Jezebel]

What do you think of this song?

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