This week has consisted of an infinite amount of end-of-campaign ads, tons of election cover, the actual election itself, long voting lines, Hurricane Sandy damage, whatever your do for work and/or school and the daily stresses of life, in general. It's been stressful, to say the least. So, let's all take about 59 seconds to look at what might be the tiniest dog in the world. It's not the little one above; I just thought I'd add an extra dose of adorable to the beginning of this here post. 

Meet Meysi, a terrier puppy that might be the tiniest dog in the world. She stands at just 2.5 inches tall, weighing 0.3 pounds, making her approximately the size of a soda can. Basically, it is ingrained in her DNA to be insanely adorable. Now, little videos and pictures of cute puppies doesn't solve everything, I know that. But they definitely make me gain a smile when I need one.

Lovelies, what cheers you up when it's been a rough week?

[via The Daily What]

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