We all know Forever 21 is the place to go for cheap basics and party dresses. But have you seen their menswear? Turns out, if you dig, they have some handsome basics and outerwear for men. The best part? It's all in our treasured Forever 21 price range. Definitely worth checking out for the holidays, especially for us thrifty girls! See more from Forever 21's menswear line and let us know what you think!

Okay, it's all pretty simple and let's ignore the orange pants (seen above.) But cheap denim button-ups? Simple tees and sweaters? Plain scarves? All for under $10? In my opinion, that makes it worth checking out. As long as you go into it knowing you aren't buying the most quality garments, it can be a great way to get gifts on the cheap for the holidays (for your boyfriend and yourself!) [via Forever21]

Have you purchased menswear from Forever 21? Would you?