I am a huge zombie fan, as many of us are here at Lovelyish. In fact, I just had a zombie dream (as I do about once every two weeks or so) on Wednesday night, probably because I was re-reading one of my absolute favorite books: World War Z. Max Brooks did an incredible job creating an oral history of what a zombie apocalypse would be like and really, truly added so much depth to the genre. So when I heard that a film version of the book was to be created, I was incredibly excited, though I couldn't imagine what it might be like. Apparently, it's 

It's definitely a cool trailer, and I think it'll be an entertaining film. However, it appears to be much more of an action movie rather than true to the book. In the novel, small snippets of the history of "World War Z," in which humans fought against zombies during a global takeover, is told through individual stories by various people around the world. You get an excellent idea of what everything was like, whether it's through the eyes of a child, an architect, a pharmaceutical salesman, a politician, a warrior or a criminal (and many, many more). It's pretty incredible, so give it a go if you like zombies.

Unfortunately, this probably wouldn't translate well to a major blockbuster (making it true to the novel probably wouldn't gain a lot of funding), so they've made it into more of an action film. It looks great, though, so I'm excited to see what they end up doing with it. It should be out on June 21, 2013, so get stoked.

Lovelies, are you intrigued by World War Z and do you plan on seeing the film when it comes out?

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