Fashion rules are meant to be broken
! Many famous fashion icons suggest we dress to feel good about ourselves, not for rules, trends or anything else. I try to stick to this rule and ignore what others say about fashion dos and dont's. I'm definitely guilty of mixing black and brown, wearing white after labor day (what are winter whites for?), and being generally quirky in my dress decisions. There are endless ways to break fashion rules and look good doing it! See my top ten break-able fashion rules and tips on how to do it well

1. Mixing brown (or blue) with black: There's a wrong way to do this and a right way to do this! As a general rule, if you're going to mix them, try to choose a lighter brown (or blue) so there's more contrast. Also, make it look intentional by tying the black and brown together with matching accessories.

2. Wearing white after Labor Day: This totally depends on where you live, the white garment in question and what you pair it with. Making your whites look winter-y can be tricky. As a general rule, adding tights, coats and layers to your winter white look is always a good idea!

3. Mixing metal jewelry: Gold, silver and bronze rings? No problem! Put on all of your rings and then rearrange/take them off as you see fit.

4. Wearing red as a redhead: Finding a red that contrasts the color of your hair is key. Take some tips from Nicole Kidman's look: her strawberry blonde hair contrasts perfectly with her dark red dress which is why her look works so well!

5. Leggings as pants: As with any garments, make sure your leggings fit and are flattering to your body type. Avoid "camel toe" (please) with longer shirts, sweaters and tunics. Adding a subtle little heel won't hurt anything either!

6. Long Hair After 30: First of all, 30 is too young to stop anything, especially if it's only because others say you should do so. I just heard of this "rule" recently and I can see how it could apply to some people. But that's just it: fashion rules are subjective. Some people can pull things off while others simply can not. That's the beauty of it, we're all different and can make different things work for us.

7. The older you get, the longer your hemline: Madonna is a great example of how to do this wrong. But for others, it doesn't need to be so! Adding tights or layers (and not wearing a cheerleading skirt) can make a mini work for almost anyone. Again, it's all about flattering what your mama gave you!

8. No watches after 6pm: Have you heard of this? Apparently it's because folks shouldn't look like they're in a hurry after 6 pm. Whatever!

9. Shorts and Boots: Sometimes, a girl can look really confused wearing shorts with boots. Wearing non summer-y shorts that are darker in color with tights makes the shorts with boots look more flattering. Adding a longer sweater can tie the look together even better!

10. Red lipstick by day: There are so many shades of red, this can't possibly be true. A bright red can be hard to pull off by day but as long as you're not wearing a bold eyeshadow and blush, it's usually A-OK.

What do you think, Lovelies? Do you agree with this list? 

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