I’m sure you know how to braid a scarf into your hair by now. But do you know how to braid just your scarf? "IMPOSSIBLE," you may be thinking, "there are only two strands to use!" Prepare to have your mind blown.

Whilst shopping in a little boutique in a mall one day, I found a cute braided scarf that I had to have. I told the saleswoman ringing me up how much I liked the braid and she said “Thank you, I did it myself!” So then I asked her to teach me her kung-fu secrets. Plus, how to braid such a scarf like the one I was purchasing.

“It’s actually really easy,” she told me before the third eye opened on her forehead. 

  1. Use a doorknob or coat hanger to loop the scarf around.
  2. Make a loose knot.
  3. Rotate the scarf so the knot is closer to the top and the extra loop will now be your third piece.
  4. Braid.
  5. Make your last knot to tie it off. 

Don’t worry, if you’re a visual learner like I am, I found you a tutorial. Here’s the best video I could find that shows you how to do it:


Pro tip: You can add beads to your scarves, like large wooden ones or bright plastic ones to give your scarf a more bohemian-chic look and to complement the colors of your scarves. Get creative and post pics! I'd love to see how other people wear their braided scarves.


What's your favorite fall accessory?