Lana Del Rey is coming out with a much-hyped new album next week. Well, actually, the CD isn't new per se; it's a re-relase of her breakout record "Born to Die," and features nine fresh tracks on it. (I wonder why she didn't just make an entirely new album? Nine songs seem like just enough for one. Or couldn't she have just written a couple more? The mysteries of the music industry.)

Lana has released two previous videos for songs on the CD, and now there's one more that's appeared before the album's release. It's called "Bel Air," and it features lots of smoke. And spinning. Watch it by clicking here!

Listen, I admittedly like Lana Del Rey. I think her songs are pretty, and I'm impressed with her style, as "fabricated" as it might be. And usually she has some amazing, lush videos to go with amazing, lush songs. But this...this is just boring. All of it: the song, the video, the style. I think I'll probably pick up "Born to Die" next week, but I really hope that most of the material is more impressive than this.

What do you think of this song? What about the video?

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