Kristen Stewart has had quite the year in the spotlight. First she was named Hollywood's highest-earning actress, and then she got huge non-Twilight attention for her leading role in Snow White and the Huntsman. Aaaand then came the fall from grace: her cheating scandal and the breakup with Robert Pattinson, followed by constant speculation on whether or not the two had gotten back together. Now, with the new Twilight movie coming out soon, Stewart has been sitting down for interviews...and people just won't let sleeping dogs lie. But it seems Kristen has had enough of the inquiries, as evidenced by this icy video! 

I'm not crazy about Kristen Stewart as an actress, but that response was pretty awesome. I think I like her a lot more as person now! I only wish more celebrities would be this private (and maybe even this staqndoffish) about their personal lives. After all, an air of mystery is usually more alluring than putting it all out in the open! [via Jezebel]

What do you think of Stewart's response?

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