After horrible events like Hurricane Sandy, I think we can all agree that the whole "getting back to normal" thing sounds like the most appealing idea in the world. However, is "getting back to normal" tasteful when it means that you're shooting a reality television show in front of people who are rebuilding their lives? 

Apparently, Driva D'Avanzo of the show Mob Wives arrived to an area of Staten Island this past weekend. This spot, as well as quite a bit of Staten Island, happened to be severely damaged, so there were several volunteers there attempting to help clean up. Unfortunately, D'Avanzo was apparently not there to help; she was there to continue shooting her reality television show.

According to the Observer, one volunteer said, "So she walked up and volunteers thought it was another news crew filming people helping out. But then a boom mike lurked over our heads. Notice in the picture everyone turning their backs on her and walking away. She was not well received and was able to clear a hot coffee stand on a cold day in 2 seconds."

One of the producers of Mob Wives, Jenn Graziano, insists that the show has taken steps to ensure they won't be interfering with those affected by the storm.

However, the interference isn't really what I'd be worried about. I would assume D'Avanzo isn't running around, kicking over trashcans and making things worse. However, if my home had just been destroyed and there was a person, whose home was just fine, filming with me in the background trying to find family photographs, recover heirlooms and just generally clean up the wreckage of my life, I might be a tad ticked off. In particular, if that person wasn't really doing anything besides filming a show about him or herself and wasn't even helping. It just would come off as distasteful. Given that half my relatives can't live in their homes right now, some of whom have been re-evacuated, I feel a bit irritated by this already.

Lovelies, what do you think: is it all right to film reality shows with cleaning crews in the background or not?
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