Although Justin Timberlake referred to his nuptials as "magical," a recent wedding in Pennsylvania just might give the pop star and Jessica Biel a run for their money. When one hears the name Harry Potter and the word "wedding" in the same sentence, visions of a Dumbledore look-alike presiding over a dimly lit ceremony for a bride and groom clad in robes and striped scarves carrying make-shift wands come to mind (at least to me!)

However, that was certainly not the case for recently married couple Allyson and Casey. The two chose the magical world of Harry Potter as the theme for their wedding and pulled it off flawlessly! Complete with an authentic Sorting Hat to seat their guests and a three-tiered cake accented with shiny Golden Snitches, the sweethearts effortlessly incorporated the fantasy novel into their special day. Check out more photos of the bewitching newlyweds and their Harry Potter inspired celebration on the next page!

Wingardium Leviosa! What a spellbinding couple! Take a peep at the gallery for more snapshots of Allyson and Casey's Hogwarts-like venue and Harry Potter inspired amenities!

Would you have a themed wedding, lovelies? Have you attended a themed wedding before?


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