It would be hard to argue that James Bond is not one of the...luckiest guys in fiction. Even during his early years in the fairly conservative 60s, the world's most famous secret agent landed a lot of ladies onscreen. In fact, the term "Bond girl" is a cultural catchphrase, and most of us can identify at least one of the actresses that has showed some skin in the series. But how many women has Bond actually been with? The easiest answer would be "a barrel full," but one  designer broke the numbers down in a fun graphic!

According to this handy infographic (or "nymphographic," as the creator calls it), Bond has been with 53 women and has had 75 implied sexual encounters in 22 movies over the course of 50 years.

Bond! You have been busy! It's a wonder that the man has any spare time for missions and spying and whatnot. Also, based on the number of skulls up there, women may just want to say "no" to this handsome devil, as charming as he may be. [via Vulture]

Do you like the James Bond movies? Who would you like to see as a Bond girl?

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