I don't know about you, but I rocked many pairs of Ked's growing up. I had them in every color and they were so comfortable. Well, I may be bringing that look back to my closet because after 20 years of making adorable lace-ups and slip-ons, Ked's is expanding its look with 8 Kate Spade designs

The shoes come in pink, white and navy, a slightly pointed toe (or the classic shape you probably wore in the '90s), with patterns of gingham, polka dot and stripes.

Ked's VP of Marketing has already revealed their biggest endorsement, Taylor Swift, telling WWD, "We were shooting with Taylor a couple of weeks ago and she liked some of our collections that were heavy on pattern, so she'll adore [the Keds/Spade styles]." 

As a polka dot, stripes and gingham enthusiast, I can't wait! The shoes will be available at Kate Spade and Nordstrom locations starting in February. [via Racked]

What do you think about this collaboration, Lovelies? Did you wear Ked's while you were growing up? Would you wear any of these designs?