It's easy to look washed out as soon as it starts to get cold outside. As someone with black hair and very light skin, it's a battle year round. I'm always on the hunt for new makeup ideas and looks to try out, and I've found 8 great ideas that I can't wait to try for Christmas parties, holiday dinners and chilly nights out

1. Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess recommends wearing jewel-toned eyeshadows for a fresh holiday look. She also has more great makeup ideas over at her blog!

2. I love this look for a Christmas party! I'll definitely be trying something similar to this for the office party this year.

3. I always wear a lot of berry-colored shades during fall and winter, so since I already have all of these colors, I can't wait to learn different ways to use them.

4. These videos are so helpful, and she has a tutorial for pretty much any occasion. Love!

5. I love this simple and sexy look. You can find the tutorial here.

6. I love Taylor Swift's makeup for her new album cover. The red lip and eyeliner looks so lovely... and a perfect cold weather look!

7. I have 3 or 4 eyeshadows with all of these colors, but it never really seems to show up on my eyes. I love the finished look!

8. Ruche has a great step-by-step tutorial for a gorgeous cold-weather look.

Lovelies, what are some of your favorite cold-weather looks? How do you change your makeup routine when the weather starts to change?

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