I'll be honest: I kiiind of don't want to be working right now. Not because I hate my job, but because it requires me to be up to date with the news when I'm on the clock. And with all the election buzz flying around right now, being up to date is making me really anxious. Frankly, I'd love nothing more than to go bury my head in the sand for a night, but since that isn't possible, I've been trying to avoid stress-inducing election news by seeking out silly things to post. Thankfully, I came across this awesome "not a cop" Twitter. If you're as frazzled by the media tonight as I am (or just need a good laugh), check it out!

Aaaah, I already feel better. The rest of my night will probably be spent exploring sites like Lamebook and Failblog. Then perhaps I'll hit the gym, where I will hopefully work out all of my anxiety. (Or at least get worn out enough to immediately fall asleep when I get home.) Head on over to the source for even more funny tweets! [via Buzzfeed]

What do you think of this Twitter? Which tweet is the funniest?