One of my favorite things about Christmas is getting crafty. When I was a little girl living out in the country, we used to go and drive around and just look at other people's Christmas lights and outdoor decorations and it was like living in Candyland or something. Definitely one of my most treasured and maybe a little creepy holiday memories.

The holiday season is the perfect time to spread the cheer as creatively as possible. It's not even December yet and I've already found a ton of totally unique DIY ideas to get me through all of that cabin fever I'm sure to endure once the roads start icing over and work starts getting cancelled. So if you're already dreading the boredom that's sure to come from being snowed in, look no further!

1. Weave a paper wreath.
Did any of you ever make paper bracelets when you were younger? I definitely have some memories of making bracelets out of Starburst wrappers in Junior High and this wreath and/or bracelet definitely brings back some memories! (The how-to is in French, but if you have Google Chrome, it can translate the directions for you!)

2. Revamp some mason jars.
These are so simple, and look so cute. I wouldn't recommend drinking from them, though. Oh, and use clear Mason jars! The blue ones are pretty enough on their own. ;) I made some of these for my makeup brushes... love them!

3. Make some snowflakes!
Ahh, another memory of my childhood. I used to love making things with these little beads, and these snowflakes look so sweet and easy to make! (Same situation with #1, but Google Chrome will translate it from Danish to English.)

4. Add a pop of color with this Christmas wreath.
If you're tired of the traditional red and green Christmas, make a colorful wreath instead! 

5. Add some winter sparkle with this mirror garland.
Add a little light and sparkle to get you through the bleak winter.

6. Make some woven ornaments!
I love these as ornaments, but they would also make cute little attachments to gifts as well.

7. Grab a paint marker and get creative.
I'm in love with this ornament! So sweet and simple.

8. Personalize some bangles!
Elsie has some of the best crafts that can cure the fiercest cabin fever. If you haven't visited her site yet, go go go!

9. Build a Christmas photobooth!
After going through some old pictures, I realized that my friends and I hardly have any recent pictures together! Silly photo booths are perfect for those (like me) whose worst fear is waking up one morning and seeing a notification that says "So-and-so tagged 15 pictures of you on Facebook." Because they're so silly and fun, it's kind of impossible to have a "bad" picture, just a really fun memorable one that you'll wanna keep forever. :)  

10. Revamp the older basics in your closet.
I love this cute idea! Take some older clothes out of your closet and make them new again! And while you're at it, donate all the items that you hardly ever wear.

What do you do when cabin fever hits, Lovelies? Any good ideas to combat holiday boredom this year?