Halle Berry hasn't been in the spotlight much during the past few years. Sure, she's gone through a sadly messy (and public) divorce/custody battle with her ex-husband, but we (also sadly) haven't seen much of her on the big screen. But all that's changed with Cloud Atlas, the surreal new Wachowski siblings movie that came out this month. In the film, Berry plays a number of roles that span across time, and recently she stepped out to promote it on the red carpet in a black cutout dress. But is the look classy or tacky? Take a look and let us know!

Aesthetically, Berry is absolutely beautiful. But I'm not a fan of the dress; it looks fairly cheap, and I bet there are ones that look a lot like it found in cheesy dance clubs across the world. Nonetheless, I still look forward to seeing Cloud Atlas, even if this is a bit of a miss.

Hit or miss, Lovelies?