H&M has come out with a number of ultra-successful designer lines in recent years. From Versace to Lanvin, the low-priced fashion retailer has teamed up with some seriously high-end designers. And now Maison Martin Margiela has become the newest look for the store. Check out this crazy commercial for a sneak peek at some of the (amazing) styles coming soon!

So very strange! Yet so very intriguing! Austinites have been clamoring for an H&M for years, and we're finally getting one this winter. With this collection coming out, I can't imagine how insane the opening is going to be! I like what I see in the video, but not enough to get trampled. I think I'll wait until late January to check out what's left. [via Fashionista]

What do you think of this commercial? What about the clothes?

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