Hollywood actors are known to dabble in ventures outside of their chosen field, and Brad Pitt is certainly no exception. In fact, he just recently became the face for Chanel, and now he's releasing a furniture line. (He also seems to be exploring the field of long hair maintenance.) So is Pitt's newest venture a success, or just another example of a celebrity awkwardly stepping out of the film spotlight into a role less suited for them? Check out his pieces and let us know!

Most of these aren't my decor style, but I will say that table is pretty neat! Pitt is working on this collection with designers Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann, Pierre Chareau, and Paul Dupré-Lafon, and has about 12 pieces of his own in it. Head on over to the source to read even more about his creative process! [via Architectural Digest]

What do you think of this furniture?