All through college, I lived in an area in which I could wear shorts year-round. These days, I live in a (very, very) wet area of the country, so walking around in anything that might expose the backs of my legs to the biting chill of autumn or the cold rain is pretty out of the question. Now that we're getting further into fall, it's time to put aside the last of the hopeful summer garb and try something warmer. Check out some of my favorite longer, heavier, warmer fall garments!

I know this skirt seems silly, as I am mostly looking at items intended for cold temperatures. However, I tried this on in one of UO's stores recently and it was really fantastic quality, very thick and, since I'm not really fond of high slits (though if you are, by all means, keep 'em!), I plan on making panels. I was initially disappointed when I realized that this skirt had those openings and planned on simply getting a solid black skirt, but then I realized this would be a perfect DIY project to add a favorite fabric in without having to edit things too much. I'll update once I finish!

1. Ecote Double Slit Skirt Maxi, $69
2. ShopBop Club Monaco Audrey Skirt, $47.85
3. Jersey Maxi Skirt, $11.90
4. onestopplus Belted Animal Print Skirt, $35
5. Love Culture Pencil Stripes Long Skirt, $19.90
6. ASOS Jersey Maxi Skirt With Seam Detail, $49.25 (petite version!)
7. Nicole Richie for Impulse, Peacock-Print A-Line Handkerchief-Hem Maxi, $33.74
8. Meetu Magic Magestic Gold Skirt With Pleats, $45
9. American Apparel Plaid Double-Layered Full Length Skirt, $58

I've also been a recent convert to long lengths, as I was a bit self conscious about how any skirt past my knees made me look figure-wise. Now, though, I love how they look and find them incredibly comfortable, so I've wound up wearing them just about everywhere! Whether it's paired with a sweater, tank top or bralette (for around the house/the beach, while I was on vacation), they're great for a variety of casual looks.

Lovelies, would you wear any of these? Do you plan on wearing longer skirts and dresses this season?

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