During the fall and winter, I am the very definition of washed out. I'm talking dry skin with chapped lips and lank hair to match — all in the same sad shade of grey. I swear, sometimes my head is mistaken for a low-lying cloud. It's not pretty, but at least I'm not alone. There's lots of us who feel like we're wilting in the winter.
That's why I think that it's important to bring a little definition to my face. If you're tired of everyone asking if you're sick (when, in reality, you're just really pasty), read on for some tips on how to bring the life back to your looks! 

I should preface this list by saying that the number one way to avoid sad-looking skin and hair is to be healthy. Drink loads of water, eat well, and give your body extra TLC in the vitamin-D deficient months. If you have healthy skin, you'll be glowing — not looking washed out! It'll take work, though, so here's how to fake it 'til you make it:

1. Darker foundation

As someone who is petrified by foundation, this was a hard concept for me. I use a very light tinted moisturizer, so my compromise was to just switch to the next shade darker (I was running low anyways!). The darker shade doesn't make me feel like a clown or like I have a swamp on my face -- instead, it adds enough subtle color that I could get away with skipping bronzer if I wanted. It's an easy switch that has easy results!

2. Blush

For some reason, my mom had me believing that blush was an archaic form of makeup. So the few times I'd dare to touch the stuff, it was for wacky Halloween costume purposes. But if you're pasty and also not using it, give blush a shot! I found out that you don't automatically turn into a clown just for brushing some on! It defines your cheeks in a way bronzer never could.

3. Change your hair color

I've noticed that pale people with darker hair don't usually look washed out. They look like beautiful vampires, a la Twilight! But since my hair is the same hue as my skin (i.e. gray and translucent), changing its color is something I always consider during the winter. I've gone brown, and that tends to make my skin look a lot smoother and livelier. But going lighter with your hair could work too, as long as there is some brightness and contrast between it and your skin! Think Amanda Seyfried or Michelle Williams.

4. Bright lips

See? If not for the red lips, you wouldn't even see her! Then again, wearing a dress the same color as your skin and background doesn't help...

Maybe you don't want to buy new make-up and dying your hair is out of the question (I'm with you!). But a quick swipe of color on your lips is so fast and easy, and it's an instant pick-me-up. Or, at the very least, it helps others distinguish my face from the clouds.

Any of you Lovelies have more advice for lifeless winter looks??

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