Heard of "Sexy Sweaters?" A.K.A. the coolest sweaters, ever? The designer, Alec Weitl uses Photoshop and random found images to create amazing sweaters that everyone wants. In fact, Sexy Sweaters currently has 34,000 people lusting over them on Facebook. Up until now, Alec's designs only existed in the digital world, causing pain and torture for his followers. But there's finally good news: Sexy Sweaters is about to launch an online store! Find out more after the cut and be sure to browse the Sexy Sweaters gallery!

That's right ya'll, Sexy Sweaters is finally a reality! Follow them on facebook for more information on their E-store launch date, new designs and special offers. If you're an artist yourself: Alec Weitl loves collaborations, so make sure to hit him up via email. In the meantime, we'll just have to patiently wait! [via SexySweaters]

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