What's the most quintessentially fall thing you can think of? For some, it's pumpkins and football. But for me, it's a thick, cozy sweater!

Sweaters are pretty near the top on my list of reasons why I love Fall. Wearing one makes you feel like you've wrapped yourself up in a blanket. A socially-acceptable, appropriate-for-public blanket.
And yet I find my wardrobe lacking in this very department! Do you ever feel like you have a vision of something you want so bad in your head, that nothing compares in real life? That's where I'm at right now (it's probably unhealthy how strongly I feel about my clothes).
But after scouring the internet, I did manage to come up with a list of sweaters that are right on par with my high expectations. Nice fits, soft textures, great colors, interesting patterns... these have got 'em all!

Prices and shopping links can be found here.
Any of these sweaters calling your name?