I received an Urban Outfitters newsletter a few days ago, and was pretty surprised to see “Lisa Frank” in the subject title. I had quite the arsenal of Lisa Frank stuff back in the day… trapper keepers, folders, erasers, the list goes on and on. I specifically remember having sticker parties (yeah, I was cool) with my cousin, and collecting pretty much every sticker that Lisa Frank had ever released. All of my old Lisa Frank stuff has regretfully been tossed since then, but I was pretty excited to see that Urban Outfitters has partnered up with Lisa Frank to re-release some classics online from the ’80s and ’90s. 

Did your trapper keeper look like this? Mine did, and I’m actually pretty excited to get some old stickers back again. It’s a pretty fun way to add some fun to the boring manilla-folder office desk, right? And honestly, the Lisa Frank stuff on the UO website seemed a little expensive for me, and then I noticed that her website has an online store! There’s some pretty cheap stuff on there… I just couldn’t help myself. Look at me, I’m spending my lunch money on Lisa Frank stickers. I guess nothing much has changed since I was 8 years old. 😉

Did you wish you lived in the magical world of Lisa Frank when you were younger? Will you buy any of the re-released merchandise?

P.S. Lisa Frank also has a Pinterest account! Get ready for some major color.

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