(Click photo to enlarge; it's amazing, I promise!)

To be honest, I was terrible (terrible) at photography when I took the class during high school. I loved taking the photos and developing them, but they were always pretty horrible. This led to my intense admiration of anybody who is great at photography. To stand out at a hobby/habit/career that's so popularized yet so difficult is extremely admirable. So if you're interested in photography or simply love a good photo series, come take a look at Jean-François Rauzier's photos in all their detailed glory

How amazing are these?! The way everything feels almost so intense that it must be fake reminds me so much of those hyper-realistic paintings that seem almost too real to be false.

The fascinating thing is how they're made: by combining hundreds of smaller photos into one, Rauzier achieves an extremely detailed, "massively" high resolution "hyperphotos." If you're interested in seeing more of his work, check out his website and/or the gallery below!

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