Ah Halloween. The time of year for adorable trick-or-treaters, more than a month's worth of fun sized candies and grown women taking advantage of the one night they can dress similar to a stripper and not get judged. I'm all for cute costumes, but these take it a little too far.

Here are 7 costumes that will definitely cause some stares.

The Straight Jacket


Good luck trying to do..anything while wearing this thing

Bert and Ernie

You will never look at these innocent childhood characters the same after you've seen their plastic faces cut in half and set just north of gigantic "valleys"

The Real Estate Agent


Chinese Takeout

Didn't Victoria Secret just get slammed for doing something similar? The chopsticks and fortune cookie hat are stereotyping at its worst

Babe the Blue Ox

Unless you are in Minnesota, nobody will understand this mythical costume


I want to meet the girl that says, "I really want to be corn for Halloween"


PEE-YOUUU! Not cool.

What other ridiculous costumes have you come across?

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