Halloween is coming and that means it's time to break out more horror movies than any other part of the year. I'm a horror movie fiend (seriously, my Netflix instant watch history would probably weird out Takashi Miike just a little bit) and I absolutely love being afraid. I also love old horror movies, but they so rarely scare me... except Hitchcock ones. When I was in sixth grade, I watched Psycho because it was on television late at night after I went trick-or-treating. I sat in the dark with my dog, sorting my candy and just watching a seemingly normal scene where a woman is taking a shower. 

It scared me half to death. To this day, I never got over my fear of high-pitched string instruments; I get a sick feeling in my stomach whenever I hear them.

I'm THRILLED that they're making this film! While I'm sort of disappointed in their choice of Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh (dear Hollywood, ScarJo is not the only actress who can play vintage starlet roles, thanks) and Jessica Biel's inclusion in the film whatsoever, I think the movie itself looks amazing. Anthony Hopkins literally never fails to make a film absolutely incredible. There's one moment that made me giggle in which he kind of has a Michael Caine tinge to his accent, thus combining my two favorite male actors, so I was even more excited about his role. The makeup is wonderful, as well.

Oh, and Helen Mirren, as Hitchcock's brilliant wife Alma, looks as though she will definitely steal (at least some of) the show; after first watching the trailer, I primarily recall her lines over anybody else's. Plus, she looks stunning as ever. Paired with Anthony Hopkins, this duo will absolutely obliterate the Oscars.

Enough hype, eh? Take a look!

Wonderful, eh? According to IMDb, it will come out on limited release in late November.

Lovelies, are you excited to see Hitchcock

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