My skin tends to look its worst every winter. It's dry, itchy, flaky and still somehow manages to be shiny and oily at the same time. This year, I'm determined to change that, and you can too with these 10 tips that will help save your skin from harsh weather! 

1. Pay attention to what you're eating this holiday season.
Seems pretty obvious, right? Well, I don't know about you, but the cold-weather seasons for me mean eating a lot of comfort food: mashed potatoes, chicken pot pie, creamy soups, cookies... But it turns out, there are a lot of yummy foods that do wonders for your complexion! Sweet potatoes, eggs, strawberries and asparagus are especially good for your skin. Try to incorporate more of these foods in your diet regularly. And don't forget your multi-vitamin! I've been taking one regularly for about a month now, and it's actually made a huge difference. (Yay, Flintstones multi-vitamins with iron!)

2. Oil serums are the best for dry skin.
When the temperature starts to drop, my skin gets so flaky. Adding an essential oil serum to my routine has made all the difference. At first I was a little skeptical because my skin is combination-oily already, but adding it between my cleanser and moisturizer leaves my face feeling soft - not oily, and it totally gets rid of the dry/flaky patches.

3. If creams never seem to do the trick for alleviating your dry skin, try baby oil!
Add it to your bath, mix it with your shower wash, or even use it alone. I've mixed a little of it with my favorite lotion and it totally works.

4. Keep your fingers and toes looking pretty.
My hands look ten years older than the rest of my body while it's cold outside. I've decided to help keep my hands and feet in great shape with weekly manicures and pedicures. Now, who can actually afford that? Well, I plan on occasionally treating myself to professional manicure/pedicures when my budget will allow me, but I'm really excited to do them myself at home. Manicure/pedicure sets are available at most drug stores and aren't that expensive. Starting a fun pampering weekly habit like this will definitely keep your hands looking good underneath those cute mittens.

5. Treat yourself to a spa day.
Again, who can afford something like that? Well, I've recently been a little obsessed with Groupon, and there are always lots of really good deals on spa treatments. Or look online for spas around you, and look at their websites. Sometimes there will be specials for first-timers, and you can get a wonderful spa experience for a fraction of the price. It doesn't have to be a weekly event, but every now and then, it's so nice to just pamper yourself, right?

6. Hydrate your skin with a weekly mask.
If you're moisturizing a little more this season but it doesn't seem to be doing enough for your dry skin, try a weekly mask! There are tons of DIY recipes on Pinterest and I also try the individual masks at Wal-Mart and Target. They're usually very  inexpensive, and my skin always feels soft and smooth afterwards. Just put the mask on for around 10 minutes, sip on some hot cocoa/tea and rinse it off with cold water. Oatmeal masks are my favorite.

7. Don't use HOT water.
I'm currently living in a house that doesn't have central air (or heat), so this one will definitely be a hard one for me. As good as hot water feels while it's cold outside, hot water strips your skin of essential oils, leading to dry and flaky skin. Opt for warm water instead, especially when you're washing your face. I use cold water whenever possible.

8. Dedicate one day of the week to your skin.
Every Sunday, I always use my Proactiv sulphur mask for any blemishes, I do my nails and toes and I exfoliate with my coffee-grounds on any trouble-spots. Whew! It sounds like a lot, but it's something that I look forward to every weekend, and it really gets me ready to tackle the week. I'm making no exception this winter.

9. Do some research to find the perfect moisturizer for you.
I've had a love-hate relationship with most moisturizers... either they make me break out because my skin is super oily, or it's not enough and I'm left with dry skin and $20 less in my bank account. Boo. Honestly, it's probably because I tend to not buy a product until my skin is so dry or flaky that I can't take one more second, and I just grab whatever product looks the prettiest. Obviously there's not a product that's going to work perfectly for everyone... so do your research! There are tons of really good websites (like this one!) that make finding the best product for your skin easy. And even if you're on a budget, look at the ingredients for your products at the drug store.

10. Don't stop drinking water and using SPF just because it's not hot outside anymore.
I know, I'm somewhat of a water-drinker-pusher. But seriously, it's the best (and cheapest!) thing you can do for your skin. I start and end each day with a huge glass of water. I also keep using a SPF to prevent dry skin and protect myself from the winter rays.

What's your winter skin routine? What products do you use? I'd love to hear some of your tips!

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