Jennifer Aniston probably gets more gossip than almost any other actress in Hollywood. Ever since Brad left for a certain dark-haired actress, tabloids have endlessly speculated about the state of Aniston's life, womb and relationship status. Which is why the Hollywood media collectively freaked out when it was revealed that her boyfriend, Justin Theroux, popped the question to her a few months ago. Even though news of the engagement has been on the table for a time, we still haven't gotten to get a glimpse of the ring...until now. And it's hugeCheck out one slightly clearer shot of the rock here, and then tell us what you think of it! 

HUGE, y'all. Like, "it's really not that difficult to see on her hand in that first photo, which was taken from far away" huge. While I'm quite happy for Aniston and her husband-to-be, I can't say I'm crazy about the ring. Not necessarily because it's excessively big, but mostly because it's kind of boring (like Blake Lively's). Though I'm sure in person all that sparkle could easily change my mind!

What do you think of Jen's ring?

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