As much as we all want to dress up our dogs as lobsters (No? Is that just me? Every year?) our pooches have more and more options to look ridiculous each Halloween. Insert: celebrities. Iconic outfits and themes that dominate their ticket sales are now being relegated to our furry best friends! Having the honor of dressing up your dog to look like them is the ultimate stage of legendary stardom. See which proud celebrities will have four-legged impostors prancing around your neighborhood this Halloween! 

Small dogs vs. large dogs - which do pet costume manufacturers cater to more? My dog is 65-70 lbs. and a perk to his size is that I can dress him in my own clothes, but I happen to do that everyday, so Halloween ain't special don't do it that often. I wish more costumes could fit him, because there are so many hilarious gems out there waiting to embarrass him while elating me.

Some dogs are totally game to wear whatever their owners' hearts desire. These are indeed a rare breed since most dogs don't want to be stuffed in anything. I put a hat on my dog and he plots my death. If you have a dog, do you dress him up for Halloween? Is he or she usually comfortable in clothing? 

What do you think of these costumes? Do you think it's fun or just plain wrong to dress up dogs?

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