Jessica Biel is a beautiful woman and a vetted actress, but very few of her red carpet outfits get much attention from fashionistas. Not to say that she doesn't have a sense of style, but Biel does usually play it fairly safe in the sartorial arena. Which is why it's interesting to see this dress she stepped out in last week, which is far from a safe fashion bet. But does that necessarily make it a miss? Check out one more photo and let us know!

Those colors really work well with Biel's hair and skin tone, and I think they mesh beautifully together on the gown. I really like her gold-tipped shoes, which is surprising because I usually hate pointy heels. Overall, this is a great dress, though the ruffles are a bit off-putting and her hair doesn't look like anything special. I'm calling this a hit, though her look could have been a bit more polished.

Hit or miss, Lovelies?
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