The beloved 1982 musical, "Annie" is turning 30 years old and is celebrating by releasing a special blu-ray edition of the movie, complete with a sing-along feature. This movie has continued to capture the emotions of children and adults alike and will always be a classic. Here are 6 fun facts about the movie and its sweetheart, Aileen Quinn, who played little orphan Annie in the movie.

1. Aileen Quinn is now 41 years old and began her career at just 8 years old where she played the role of Annie on Broadway after Sarah Jessica Parker. Aileen even attended SJP's 12th birthday party!

2. The famous curly red hair she sported in the movie was a wig (but the freckles were 100% real)

3. Quinn got a Golden Globe nomination for her role

4. Aileen auditioned for the role 8 times and was picked out of 8,000 other hopefuls

5. The evil Miss Hannigan, played by Carol Burnett was actually very protective of Quinn while filming the movie and the two still stay in touch to this day!

6. Aileen Quinn is very excited to see the new version of Annie that Will Smith is producing starring his daughter, Willow Smith

I, for one, am eagerly waiting to grab my copy of the blu-ray so that I can use the sing-along feature at the top of my lungs. "Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya, tomorrow!.."

Are you excited about the release of the special edition blue-ray? What is your favorite memory of Annie?

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