I often think of celebrities as alien creatures. I know they exist, but they live in a different world than me and must be from some other planet. It's weird for me to think of them as normal people. Sometimes, however, I wonder what it would be like to live in their world and actually be friends with them. Do they have people to do everything for them or are they just like the rest of us? I guess I'll never know, but a girl can dream, right? Here are five celebrities I want to be friends with: 

Anne Hathaway

Unlike most celebrities, Anne Hathaway seems fairly normal. She doesn't travel with an insane entourage or drunkenly stumble out of nightclubs. She seems like genuinely nice person and I would love to hang out with her.

Rebel Wilson

The breakout star of Pitch Perfect would be the funny friend that would keep me laughing at all times. Not only is she funny in movies, but I've watched several of her interviews and she's just as hilarious in real life.

Emma Stone

She's funny, chic, talented, and has a super hot boyfriend. Who wouldn't want to be friends with Emma Stone?

Blake Lively

Blake seems like a fun, down-to-earth person. I love her style, so she could give me fashion tips. Plus, Blake frequently talks about how much she loves to cook, so being her friend would mean always having awesome food to eat!

Rachel Bilson

In my opinion, Rachel Bilson is one of the best dressed celebrities today. Nobody does casual-chic like she does. I would love to be her friend simply because I want to go shopping with her and see how she manages to always look so great.

Which celebrity do you want to be friends with? Tell me in the comments below!

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