Snooki may have recently had her baby, but that (naturally) doesn't mean she's trying to stay out of the spotlight! The reality star has posted makeup-free shots of herself before, and they drew lots of attention. We haven't seen her pop up in the tabloids much recently, so it's not too surprising that she recently posted another photo of herself without that's getting just as much press. Check it out by clicking here! 

She looks really cute! I would never recognize this version of Snooki on the street. Heck, if she threw on some demure clothing and went out like this, I doubt anyone would recognize her. Perfect paparazzi shield! I'm all for women wearing all the makeup they want (or none at all), but I hope Snooki gets some positive responses from this that maaaaybe make her change her cosmetic style a bit. [via The Life Files]

What do you think of Snooki's photo?

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