Yesterday, the Daily Mail ran a brief photo piece about Selma Blair's outfit on a recent shopping trip in Los Angeles. Throughout the article, the author captioned photos with little quips like, "Feeling risque!" and "Close call! Selma almost gave the shop assistants an eyeful." While I think Blair's outfit is pretty cute and totally makes sense, particularly September southern California weather-wise, when it comes to a casual shopping trip. Would I wear it? No, but that's because I look rubbish in stripes. Would I wear something like it? Hell yeah, because side boob is

I think side boob is great. Believe me, I know that's a bizarre thing to say, but it's true: it's like the mysterious older cousin of cleavage who doesn't wear a lot of makeup and always has a sexy stare in her eyes. Whenever I see a girl wearing something that slightly exposes the side, I automatically am more attracted to her. It's a subtly awesome way to show your body off, which I find lovely.

For years, I always wore bras with shaped cups and underwire because, being a 34D, I thought I had to. However, during the latter part of college upon gaining some girlfriends who were huge fans of the no-bra look, as well as unlined pure lace bras, I started trying the look out. And I loved how it looked on me. If I felt like wearing something a bit more (as the Daily Mall might call it) risque, I would wear a shirt or dress that showed a bit of side boob. Whereas low-cut tops often gave me comical amounts of cleavage, I could still feel sexy without feeling exposed (not that there's anything wrong with that, but it definitely gets chilly, man) when I wore something that showed more skin from the profile.

Plus, it's insanely comfortable to not wear a bra. I can't believe I went nearly 21 years without realizing the joys of not having any pain because of my bras. My skin feels like it can "breathe" so much better without a stifling piece of thick fabric on it. Plus, I have a scarification piece and a tattoo that never get any airtime due to my disdain for wearing bikinis, so the sideways low-cut look works in that sense, too.

So, in conclusion: I think the no bra, side-boob-rocking look is fantastic and am in full support (so to speak, hyuck hyuck). I've also included a few more examples at the bottom of post as proof that it is awesome almost always.

What do you think: side boob or no side boob? That is the question, my lovelies!

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