I remember going to the eye doctor in seventh grade and being shocked by my diagnosis: me, need glasses? I'd never realized that I couldn't see things that other people could (for example: road signs, leaves on trees, the clock, even my own face in the mirror — the fact that I had a unibrow until the age 13 is testament to this). Still, the thought of showing up to school on Monday in glasses was terrifying at the time.

It wasn't until recently that I fell back in love with glasses — they're like a bonus accessory, another way to display personal style and super convenient in the morning! But I didn't always feel that way...

My first pair were sensible blue wire ones (it was my dad who took me to that first appointment). In high school, I graduated to a purple Juicy Couture pair with — I kid you not — rhinestones and golden crowns (can you tell my mom took me to that appointment?). It was my first designer anything, and I felt so fly.

It took a year or two of wearing that purple pair to really understand the extent of their obnoxiousness. And for the next couple of years, until the end of college, I refused to wear them. I lived in my contacts, and my poor eyes hated me. But then I started noticing some really awesome glasses around campus and on all the blogs I read. I found websites that sold beautiful pairs for under $100, and I was immediately (re)hooked!

I immediately bought a pair online, and although they ended up way bigger than I imagined, I'm in love with them!

(This picture is more of an excuse to show off my kitten wearing his Grateful Dead shirt than to showcase my glasses...)

But the best part? I get to roll out the door in the morning without fighting a pair of contacts into my miserable eyes, while simultaneously making a fashion statement!

Click through the gallery below to check out some more sweet glasses.

And hey, all you other sight-deprived Lovelies! Glasses or contacts? I wanna hear about it!

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