Nothing brings me back quite like The Nanny. My Mom and I would paint our nails, eat candy, and hope that Fran would just marry Mr. Sheffield already. From her Chanel - inspired suits to her sparkly gowns, Fran Drescher was the queen of 90's style

and looked amazing in everything she wore. Alyssa Milano had nothing on Fran. After all, she was "the lady in red when everybody else was wearing tan." Her looks were always bold, colorful and carefree and matched her adorable, quirky personality.  I'm definitely guilty of crying during the last episode... more than once. Luckily, Fran marries Mr. Sheffield and has twins, Niles marries C.C., and everything ends up exactly how we all hoped! Fran's body hugging styles, midriff bearing separates and wild curly hair were just more reasons to love her! Get inspired, Nanny - style in the photo gallery below!

Who else loved Fran Fine's style in The Nanny?

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